LATE-BREAKING NEWS! We are opening the Black Soft show on Monday, June 9 at Glasslands. Here is something about it on Facebook. We were told to tell you that if you want to buy tickets in advance, you can do so here.

Did you miss our scintillating interview on 90.3 The Core FM? Never fear, the link is here. (Editor’s Note: Contrary to the earlier post on this subject, you will NOT get to hear Nils get chastised for cursing on air [twice]. The whole scandalous episode was edited out.)


Our debut performance is almost here! Come see us–we promise it will not be boring…

Nite Haus are multi-taskers! We just did a phone interview with The Core FM that will rock the airwaves on Thursday, May 29 at 6 PM. Tune in to 90.3 if you live in Northern NJ or go to to hear Nils getting chastised for cursing and Carrie using the term “fully sprung” in a highly inappropriate way!

Turn up the radio. Transform the Dark is now at #11 on the CMJ Electronic chart!

We are so very excited. During the week of February 17, Transform the Dark was the most-added record on the CMJ RPM charts!

NSA, don’t sweat it–the December 2013 release of Nite Haus’s debut album Transform the Dark signals a new era of US/German cooperation. Wolfsburg-born Nils and Illinois-born Carrie have created crossover electronic pop that allies the sounds of Berlin and Detroit techno with something a little sweeter (and sometimes sillier). Transform the Dark aims a bright pink laser beam from our feet to yours–but it’s not an act of aggression. Call it friendly fire.